Members of Parliament Express Condolences to Buganda Kingdom Following Clan Leader’s Murder

The Parliament’s Speaker, Anita Among, has urged the government to enhance the reach and functionality of deployed security cameras following the tragic killing of Daniel Bbosa, leader of the Ndiga clan, on Sunday evening.

Chairing the parliamentary session on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, Speaker Among expressed concern that some of the installed cameras might not be operational.

“To the people of Buganda, the Ndiga clan, the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus, and Uganda as a whole, we extend our condolences and stand with you during this challenging period,” she remarked, emphasizing the need for transparency regarding unsolved homicides.

“Could we receive a comprehensive report on these killings? The murder of Ibrahim Tusubira, also known as Iculi, has not been addressed. We require a detailed report presented on the floor of this Parliament as any individual could be a target,” Among asserted.

Members of Parliament extended their sympathies to Buganda Kingdom and urged the government to expand surveillance camera coverage.

Solomon Silwany, MP for Bukooli County Central, urged the government to provide Parliament with updates on plans to rapidly increase camera coverage in the city, citing its urgency.

Allan Mayanja, MP for Nakaseke County Central, lamented the lack of attention given to the murders of Members of Parliament and other government officials, including former State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Okello Engola.

Lawmakers highlighted the danger of mob justice, exemplified by the lynching of one of the suspected killers in the case of Bbosa.

“Instances of gun violence are on the rise, causing unrest among Ugandans, who are now resorting to vigilante justice. If this trend continues, innocent individuals will also suffer. It is imperative that the Minister of Internal Affairs presents a comprehensive report on these murders,” emphasized Joel Ssenyonyi, Leader of the Opposition in the House.

MPs requested President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to update Parliament on his ten-point plan to combat gun violence, originally proposed following the killing of former Assistant Inspector General of Police, Andrew Kaweesi, in 2017.

“In the aftermath of Kaweesi’s death, the President addressed Parliament, outlining ten measures to curb gun violence. I urge the President to return and provide us with an update on these measures. We have allocated significant funds to security and surveillance systems,” remarked Muwanga Kivumbi, MP for Butambala County under the NUP party.