Government Chief Whip Obua Extends Support to KCCA During Courtesy Visit

Government Whip, Denis Hamson Obua, embarked on an important initiative yesterday by visiting the Executive Director of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Dorothy Kisaka, as a gesture of courtesy.

The meeting, held at City Hall, involved discussions aimed at enhancing deeper comprehension and collaboration between the government and the city administration.

In his statements, Obua highlighted the significance of acquainting himself with the functions of key government bodies, including KCCA.

He stressed the importance of establishing strong connections to facilitate smooth exchange of information, particularly when queries regarding KCCA arise during parliamentary sessions.

“When inquiries about KCCA are raised in parliament, I should be able to promptly obtain answers and respond,” remarked Obua.

Affirming his dedication to assisting KCCA in achieving its objectives, Obua underscored the importance of enhancing the city’s capacity to provide essential services to its residents.

“As the capital city, Kampala requires increased support to deliver services to its populace,” he emphasized, underscoring the necessity for governmental aid to enable KCCA in realizing its goals.

During the meeting, Simon Kasyate, Deputy Director of Public and Corporate Affairs, provided insights into KCCA’s organizational framework, services rendered across various departments, and the obstacles encountered in fulfilling its mandate.

Obua expressed appreciation for the thorough briefing, acknowledging that it has equipped him with the knowledge to confidently address matters related to KCCA during parliamentary discussions.

In conclusion, Obua advocated for collaborative efforts in serving the nation, urging all stakeholders to contribute to supporting institutions like KCCA.

The gathering was attended by prominent figures from KCCA, including Frank Rusa, Director of Legal Affairs, and Ruben Kamoga, Deputy Director of Governance, among others.

As the capital city endeavors for advancement and growth, such interactions serve as pivotal drivers for realizing its ambitions and aspirations.