PSFU Leads Efforts to Resolve EFRIS Dispute and Promote Business Growth.

Some sections of the business community have been planning the closure of shops and businesses, as well as demonstrations over alleged unfair enforcement of the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS). The Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) expressed concern about the possible disruption and negative impact on the business environment. PSFU believes in engagement, stating that belligerent approaches may be counterproductive.

We acknowledge the numerous and protracted engagements between URA, the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, and traders attempting to resolve these issues amicably. As such, PSFU, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), and various representatives of traders’ associations including KACITA, UTEA, Uganda Cargo Consolidators, and Kampala Rice Traders Association held a meeting on Friday, 5th April 2024, at PSFU offices in Nakasero, Kampala, to address the current challenge. Key issues included the implementation of EFRIS and the planned demonstrations and closure of businesses by traders in Kampala.

PSFU extends its gratitude to the government and URA for maintaining an open-door policy to the private sector, and for adopting the raft of measures proposed during the tough pandemic days, including the deferral of payment of taxes and proposals during the budgeting processes. As the apex body of the private sector in Uganda, representing over 330 Business Associations, Corporate bodies, and significant Public Sector Agencies, a total of over 3 million businesses, PSFU remains committed to advocating for the concerns of the private sector and promoting an environment conducive to business growth and prosperity.

PSFU recognizes the evolving landscape of tax administration around the world, the region, and Uganda. While these initiatives aim at enhancing transparency, combating tax leakages, and modernizing tax collection processes, there is a need to foster collective buy-in.