Mityana Market Vendors Tipped on Household Income as President Museveni Gives them Financial Support

The roadside market vendors in Mityana District have been urged to work towards improving their household incomes. 

According to Princess Pauline Nassolo, a Senior Presidential Advisor – Elderly, the vendors should desist from politicking and focus on ways to improve their livelihoods through working. 

“You should work towards improving your lives. Stop engaging yourselves in unconstructive politics that can ruin your lives,” she said. 

Princess Nassolo who led a team of officials from State House- Political Department made the remarks on Tuesday 7th May, 2024 while delivering President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s business booster package to a total of 238 roadside vendors from four (4) markets along Mityana Road. The markets included; Kitinkokola, Zigoti, Kabengwa and Kasalaba. 

The beneficiaries who mainly sell food crops and fruits received Shs100,000 each.

“H.E the President sent us here to deliver this package to you as you wait to benefit from other government programs like Emyooga, Parish Development Model (PDM), Youth Livelihood Fund,among others,” she said. 

“Emyooga and PDM is your money, make sure you benefit from it.”

Princess Nassolo further explained that President Museveni has always advised Ugandans to engage in money generating activities such as commercial agriculture with the right enterprise selection to enable them to be part and parcel of the money economy and improve their household incomes. 

“Mzee doesn’t want people to work only for the stomach, you should work for the pocket as well,” Princess Nassolo added. 

Another State House official, Ms. Flora Kabibi advised the market vendors, especially the youths, to avoid involving themselves in criminality that could cut their dreams short. 

“Also avoid immoral acts like homosexuality. A man is meant for a woman. Be good citizens of this nation,” she said. 

The Chairperson of Kitinkokola Market, Ms. Mayimuna Namaganda thanked President Museveni for extending the financial support to them as ordinary Ugandans and assured him that the money will be put into good use. 

“Mzee thank you for remembering us by giving us this additional capital for our businesses. We want to also thank you for sending us this team, it has really delivered your package to us,” she said. 

Ms. Koburunga Julian, a vendor who sells tomatoes, cabbages and watermelons at Kitinkokola market also expressed gratitude to President Museveni for boosting their small businesses. 

“We pray that God keeps you alive Jaaja,” she said. 

Mr. Lawrence Kavuma, also a vendor at Kitinkokola Market, noted, “Mzee I’m going to utilise this money well by adding it in my business. And I promise to support you more.”

On his part, the Chairperson of Zigoti Market, Mr. Kamada Galiwango lauded President Museveni for the support given to the market vendors.

He explained that as vendors, they have never benefited from government programs like Emyooga and PDM and he was very happy to note that at least they have finally managed to get something from one of President Museveni’s development initiatives. 

“Mzee, thank you for sending this team from the State House. They have delivered the money. We are so excited,” Mr. Galiwango said.

“I advise the youth to make use of such initiatives to fight poverty,” he added. 

Ms. Nalubega Zaitun, a tomato vendor at Kabengwa Market also commended the President for the initiative. 

“Thank you, President Museveni, for this money. I’m going to add it to my business so that I can stabilise my income.”