“PISGBC Project is Non-Partisan”- State House Comptroller Clarifies

The State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye has clarified that the Presidential Initiative on Skilling the Girl and Boy Child (PISGBC) project is non-partisan and it’s meant to benefit all needy Ugandans in Kampala city. 

“I really don’t think that any Ugandan should put politics in the skilling project because skilling is not sectarian. It is not based on any political affiliation or any religion, we skill every Ugandan so whoever wants to put politics of sectarianism in skilling is a person who hates all the people of Uganda, and no one should follow them,” she cautioned.

Ms. Barekye made the remarks yesterday as students of Mutundwe Skilling Centre in Rubaga Division showcased their products ahead of their final exams at the centre. 

Similar functions have been taking place at the 8 skilling centres around Kampala, namely; Luzira, Wabigalo, Kigoowa, Kikoni, Wandegeya, Nakulabye, Mulago and the Subway skilling centre.

Ms. Barekye also extended her profound gratitude to all parents and students of PISGBC for always loving and trusting President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who has provided an everlasting solution for the bright future of Ugandans. 

“I understand that difficult situations can sometimes lead young people to misbehave but we thank God that the President thought of a solution. This skilling initiative is transforming the lives of those who had lost hope,” she remarked.

The State House Comptroller however, reminded the beneficiaries to be Ambassadors of the President’s project by working hard and maintaining discipline. 

“To all students who have completed their courses, remember that you are the President’s children wherever you go because he has provided you with these skills. Your good conduct will promote the skilling project of the President,” she pointed out.

Ms. Barekye further requested parents to support, if possible, their children with some capital to start some enterprises in line with the skills they have acquired. 

She also thanked the Church leaders particularly Rev. Stephen Lumu for hosting the skilling project and pledged to increase the number of courses for boys since there is ample space at the facility.

The Kampala Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Ms. Aminah Lukanga expressed gratitude for the impressive work done by the students at the centre. 

She encouraged everyone to be part of the project by purchasing products made by students of the nine skilling centres.

“I am very impressed by the work done by the girls and boys at all the nine skilling centres. As you can see, I am wearing a dress made by our students at the Subway Skilling Centre. This shows how much we are impressed, and I am already part of them, they have shoes, decorations, furniture and everything. Oh my God we have reached our top,” she said.

Ms. Lukanga reminded leaders to recommend only vulnerable children from Kampala in the next intake.

The Special Presidential Assistant on Skilling and Education and Head of PISGBC project, Dr. Faith Mirembe Katana commended President Museveni for the initiative that has transformed the lives of the youth. 

“God should bless the President because he has truly done his best for these children whose lives have now improved,” she pointed out.

Dr. Katana noted that many of the enrolled youth are troubled individuals and encouraged parents to bless their children not to curse or chase them away from home. 

“Imagine a parent telling his or her child to leave home and stay on the streets. Pushing your kids away from home and ignoring them only turns them into troubled individuals. Please bless your children. We have enrolled many troubled individuals, but we do so with a purpose of helping them through counselling to correct their minds to become better citizens,” she said.

The Administrator of Mutundwe Skilling Centre, Ms. Jane Nakitto announced that the centre offers courses in tailoring, knitting, embroidery, shoe making, hair dressing, bakery as well as catering. She added that 331 girls and 73 boys are ready to sit for their exams.

 Some of the students like Waiswa Ngobi, Prossy Byokusenge and Irene Nalugo shared moving and emotional testimonies expressing their heartfelt gratitude to the President for the initiative that has transformed their lives.

The PISGBC project has gone a mile ahead in skilling by incorporating other extracurricular subjects like Patriotism- to inculcate into the students’ minds the spirit of loving themselves and their country.