NRM Secretary General Urges University Leaders to Emulate President Museveni’s Patience and Consultative Approach

University leaders have been urged to exercise patience in their leadership, an attribute exemplified by NRM Chairman and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

This advice was given by NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong at Makerere University during a one-day training session for university guild leaders on patriotism and good governance among young people.

The training was organized by the Directorate of Youth and Institutions at the NRM Secretariat.

“The 38 years of NRM leadership are no accident. Our leader, President Museveni, is always very patient and consultative to ensure good decisions. This is a lesson for you today: do not panic,” Todwong said. “This approach has helped us avoid the mistakes that have affected other countries,” added the NRM head of the secretariat.

Todwong advised the university leaders to always read and stay informed: “Read about societal dynamics and how communities develop into modernity.”

He emphasized the importance of discipline, humility, and respect for leaders and peers as key to personal growth for the youth. “Be humble and adaptable to fit into any environment after your education,” he concluded.