Unwavering Counter Terror Operations Against ADF

On September 16, 2023, UPDAF air strikes in Eastern DRC successfully eliminated several ADF rebels, including the notorious ADF commander Meddie Nkalubo. This operation, backed by precise reconnaissance and multiple streams of intelligence, targeted Nkalubo, who played a key role in orchestrating deadly bomb attacks at locations like Komamboga, Mpigi bus, CPS, and Parliament Avenue. His death represents a significant blow to the ADF, weakening the group’s ability to operate both in the DRC and Uganda.

In a separate development, crime intelligence task teams from CI Headquarters conducted operations in Mbale City and Bukedea district from September 17 to 19, leading to the arrest of three ADF suspects strongly connected to attacks on police stations in December 2022. These suspects had previously escaped from the central region and established a terror cell in Mbale following the death of their leader in Mityana.

Furthermore, on September 21, 2023, the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Team, in cooperation with Wamala region and Kyankwanzi police, apprehended two high-profile ADF elements in Bikooma village, Kyenda Trading Centre, Butemba sub-county, Kyankwanzi district. The suspects, identified as Lusiba Farouk and Nandaula Zura, had fled from Lwengo district and were found in possession of a 1.5-acre piece of land. They have since been transferred to Kampala for further legal proceedings.

The Police continue to maintain vigilance over all areas where ADF remnants may be hiding, whether in villages, urban centers, or towns, and they strongly urge them to surrender. The Police’s counter-terrorism operations remain active and relentless against violent extremists who threaten the safety and security of Ugandans. The Police also extended their gratitude to the dedicated counter-terrorism task teams within the Police for their effective operations against the ADF.