President’s Statement On Foiled Bomb Attack In Kibibi

In a recent statement, H.E. the President highlighted a significant victory in Uganda’s security efforts. Thanks to public vigilance, two bombs planned for churches in Kibibi, Butambala, were reported and defused. The Police are actively investigating the individuals involved, emphasizing their commitment to apprehending them regardless of location. Citizens are urged to remain vigilant, report strangers, and avoid gifts from unknown sources. Below is the detailed statement by the president.

“Fellow Ugandans, especially the Bazzukulu.

Musibiire-gye- musiibye-mutya (good- afternoon).

Further to my morning message about the devastating attacks our Air-force carried out against ADF in Congo yesterday, today, through popular vigilance (Wanainchi Kuwa macho wazi), two bombs which the remnants from Congo were planning to plant in churches in Kibibi, Butambala, were reported to the Police and defused.

The Police is working to establish the exact identity of the individuals involved. We shall get them wherever they go- Congo, Uganda, South Africa or wherever.

Wanainchi be vigilant. Report strangers. Do not accept gifts from strangers. In Kibibi, the pastors had been sent public address systems linked to bombs. However, the Wanainchi were suspicious and reported. The evil plan was foiled. Thanks to everybody.