National Drug Authority Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Buganda Kingdom

National Drug Authority and the Buganda Kingdom have today entered into a special collaboration that is aimed at protecting the health of our people. By this partnership, His Majesty Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II has accepted to be the champion of safe drug use in the Buganda Kingdom and Uganda at large. Kabaka’s voice will be key in the fight against drug and substance abuse that is increasingly hindering the productivity of many Ugandans and continues to be a public health concern.

NDA is committing to working with the Kingdom to improve the quality of herbal medicines in Buganda, working with your Ministers, Chiefs to undertake trainings for herbalists, support those involved in herbal medicines to access current good manufacturing practices and assist herbal drugs manufacturers/dealers in having their approved products on the market which will enhance their knowledge and quality of their products.

The two parties will collaborate in creating awareness about safe drug use through the kingdom’s mass sensitizations.

NDA will also provide extensive technical support and information in the fight against drug and substance abuse among the youth/teens, drug hawking and drug misuse including all the necessary information and educational materials needed for the campaign against drug hawking and illicit drug use.