Hon Beatrice Anywar Calls for Global Cooperation on Climate -Induced Human Mobility

Hon. Beatrice Anywar Atim Odwong , the Minister of State for Environment, addressed a High-Level Segment titled “Climate Impact on Human Mobility: A Global Call for Solutions,” hosted by the International Organization of Migration (IOM) on the sidelines of its 114th Council Meeting in Geneva.

The Minister highlighted Uganda’s profound vulnerability to the urgent nexus of climate change and human mobility, emphasizing that the East and Horn of Africa region confronts the indisputable fact that climate change serves as a primary driver of human displacement. She stressed the critical need for coordinated regional efforts to address this pressing issue.

The Minister emphasized the significance of the “Kampala Ministerial Declaration on Migration, Environment, and Climate Change,” a landmark accord endorsed by numerous African Member States in July 2022 in Kampala. This Declaration stands as the inaugural regional framework aimed at addressing the intersection of climate change and human mobility.

Since its inception, there has been a notable surge in interest from Member States eager to actively participate in and contribute to the declaration. This heightened enthusiasm culminated in the formal signing of the ‘Continental, Kampala Ministerial Declaration on Migration Environment and Climate Change’ during the Africa Climate Week and Summit that took place in Nairobi in September 2023.

The Minister urged more Member States to actively join and contribute to this initiative for a collective response to the challenges posed by climate-induced migration across the continent. Uganda, with the support of IOM, aims to unveil the continental framework at COP 28 in Dubai in December 2023

The Minister commended IOM for its instrumental role in responding to global crises and its support for the Kampala Declaration on Climate and Migration.

Hon Anywar underscored Uganda’s open-door policy, offering migrants and refugees shelter, support, and integration into local communities. She presented Uganda’s proactive efforts as a model for other Member States to replicate, with a call for urgent action to address the climate change and human mobility nexus by mobilizing crucial funds for implementation.

Hon Anywar concluded by expressing confidence that the outcomes of the High-Level Segment will provide an opportunity for global leaders to rethink and reflect on the path to achieve sustainable development amidst the challenges posed by climate change induced migration.