70 MEMD Managers Receive Skills Development Training

On Thursday, March 14, Ms Grace Tusiime, the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD), presented certificates to the Ministry’s principal officers. This followed their participation in a three-day Skills Development Programme hosted by the Chandler Institute of Governance (CIG).

The CIG, a Singapore-based international training institute dedicated to leadership development and public service capacity building, also held a similar four-day training earlier this month for over 30 MEMD Senior Management Team members. This week’s program trained at least 38 principal officers.

The team has been in Uganda for two weeks, collaborating with the Ministry to provide MEMD’s mid-level and senior managers with comprehensive skills development training to build a more effective public service delivery system.

At the training’s closure, Ms. Tusiime emphasized the importance of continuous learning within the Ministry. “The things you’ve been trained in are important,” she said at the certificate awarding ceremony, “and you shouldn’t take things for granted. It’s these things that will keep us together. I believe with this knowledge, you’ll make management more effective.”

This initiative stems from Permanent Secretary Irene Bateebe’s participation in a CIG leadership program for senior African government officials in Singapore, underscoring the commitment to developing the Ministry’s capabilities and supporting Uganda’s broader goal of a stronger public service.

Ms. Tusiime appreciated the Head of the Uganda Public Service, Ms. Lucy Nakyobe, who has championed collaborations between CIG and Uganda’s Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.

Mr. Wu Wei Neng, Executive Director of CIG, highlighted the ongoing partnership’s potential impact: “We shall work with you (MEMD) to build the narrative of a strong nation,” he said, stressing the importance of trust and effective governance for development.

Ms. Bateebe reinforced the long-term vision, saying the Ministry seeks a lasting alliance with CIG for collaborative organizational development and performance management. “The objective is to enhance our team’s capabilities to deliver exceptional public service…strong nations are built on the cornerstone of robust public service,” she added.