Congolese National Arrested After Hand Grenade Explosion in Residence

The Directorate of CI in coordination with KMP North and Old Kampala Police arrested a Congolese National identified as Basake Ndakulye, aged 39 for further interrogation, after a hand grenade exploded from his house at Katende zone, Nakulabye Rubaga Division on the 15.08.2023 at around 4:30am. No family member got injured. The family had stayed in the area for 4 years after migrating as refugees from North Kivu..

The scene was thoroughly evaluated and documented. A safety pin, a green lead and a spoon, soil samples were retrieved for further analysis. The findings show the hand grenade exploded from the scene, to which he admitted to having smuggled into the country. Further evidence shows that he had tampered with the hand grenade.

As a result, he was immediately arrested for unlawfully being in possession of dangerous explosives. We are further establishing whether he is a documented person or not, after he was found in possession of two passports from the DRC and Burundi. He is being further profiled by the Directorate of Crime Intelligence.

We call upon all refugees to abide by the laws of our country and to stop the unlawful trafficking of dangerous weapons into the country. Smuggling of weapons is not only a crime punishable by law, but are easily capable of causing mass casualties, once they get into wrong hands. And that is why the police is devoted to the identification of suspects or wrong elements in possession of illegal guns and explosives and bringing them to book.