“Stay Patriotic and Focused”- Brig. Gen. Mugisha Advises Newly Promoted SFC Officers

The commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), Brig Gen. David Mugisha has advised the newly promoted army officers to stay patriotic, focused and fear God if they are to achieve all the best in their professional career.

“Live within your means, stay healthy, love Uganda, love East Africa and Africa,” he urged.

Brig. Gen. Mugisha made the remarks today while presiding over the decoration and pipping ceremony of the newly promoted SFC senior and junior officers at a function held at SFC Headquarters, Entebbe. The decorated soldiers included 60 officers and 193 militants. Out of these, 23 were Captains, 6 Majors and 9 Lt. Colonels. 

A group photo of the Special Forces Command (SFC) Commander Brig. Gen. David Mugisha with the newly promoted Photo Warrant officers and men and other ranks during the SFC decoration ceremony that took place at the SFC headquarters Entebbe.

On 31st January, 2024, H.E the President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander-In-Chief of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni exercising the powers vested in him under article 98 clause (1) of the 1995 constitution of the Republic of Uganda; and section 20 subsection(3) (d) of the UPDF Act No 7 of 2005, promoted 382 and confirmed 13 senior and junior officer to various ranks ranging from captain to Brig. General. Among the promoted were senior and junior officers from the SFC.

Brig. Gen. Mugisha also congratulated the officers for their well-deserved elevation. 

Lt Col Godson t Magara being pipped by his spouse and the Special Forces Command (SFC) Commander Brig. Gen. David Mugisha during the SFC decoration ceremony that took place at the SFC headquarters Entebbe.

“The Bible says promotion is a preserve of God while people, circumstances, character or qualification seem to be the immediate cause of elevation; they are the mere tools. Therefore, being promoted is a call to more duties, responsibilities and other undertakings that require the right approach, conscious discipline, extraordinary commitment service, consultation and right decision making,” he emphasized.  

Brig. Gen. Mugisha further implored the officers to take part in the operationalization of the newly launched UPDF establishment in their various units and groups.

“Be close to your personnel in addressing their challenges, build strong teams in order to solidify our position in ensuring peace and stability of Uganda. Please promote revolutionary methods of work such as the use of committee meetings, accept open criticism, have a revolutionary shame in case you make a mistake, reflect on a bigger picture of leadership and ensure respect for each other in the vertical and horizontal of the UPDF compartmentations,” the Commandant noted.

Special Forces Command (SFC) Commander Brig. Gen. David Mugisha having a chat with the SFC Deputy Commander Brig Gen. Charity Bainababo as they arrive for the SFC decoration ceremony that took place at the SFC headquarters Entebbe.

“To those that were not promoted, please take heart, stay put, remain focused and be sure that the leadership shall always promote, so this is not the end of the world. As long as you remain focused, the future is bright,” he added.

On the other hand, Brig. Gen. Mugisha thanked President Museveni for his visionary stewardship and unwavering determination that has made UPDF a strong force to reckon with. 

“UPDF’s efficiency, effectiveness, versatility, competence, reliability, productivity, pro-people and the ability to secure, safeguard and pacify Uganda, East Africa and the entire Africa is anchored on President Museveni’s philosophy of patriotism, Pan-Africanism and socio-economic transformation,” he said.

Brig. Gen. Mugisha also commended the UPDF strategic leadership under the Chief of DefenceForces (CDF), Gen. Wilson Mbadi for always keeping the army in check. 

“SFC therefore acknowledges his constant strategic invaluable efforts towards building a strong UPDF and above all supplementing on the efforts of having a highly motivated, versatile and clear force through promotion, training and tasking the different echelons.”

He also lauded the Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba for undertaking the establishment, development, equipping, training and galvanising of the current SFC.

“His efforts therefore in the establishment of SFC are highly recognized.”

Commander 2 Special Forces group Col. Bagonza Wilson Rwakanara making his remarks during the SFC decoration ceremony that took place at the SFC headquarters Entebbe .

Col. Wilson Bagonza, the commander of Special Forces Group Two (2SFG) also congratulated the newly promoted officers and informed them that it was due to their great work in the army that they were recognized for the promotion. 

“I thank the Commander in Chief and the fraternity of the UPDF leadership for all these great opportunities that they are providing to us. Obviously, a promotion is a legal recognition of your efforts so you should continue to exert more effort in work so that our country can become better,” he said.

Col. Bagonza also thanked the spouses of the army officers for always keeping their partners in shape.

“Without you, it wouldn’t be possible for them to rise to where they are because once stressed, work becomes difficult. Continue to support them.”

Presenting the promoted officers for decoration was Col. John Baraza Mango, the SFC Director Personnel and Administration.