Uganda Police Deny Involvement its Fire Truck in Kenyan Protests, Refute Misleading Claims

The Uganda Police have rejected false and malicious claims regarding a video showing its driver amidst protesters in Nakuru, Kenya, while transporting a fire truck under registration number UP 9596 from Kenya to Uganda on June 21, 2024. Propagandists falsely alleged that the Uganda Police were involved in the recent protests in Kenya, which is misleading.

 Investigations reveal that the fire truck, belonging to Masaka CPS Fire and Rescue Department, was sent to Nairobi for mechanical repairs in April 2024 and was transported back to Uganda when it encountered protesters in Nakuru.

The truck and its driver continued their journey, entering Uganda on June 21, 2024, and were recorded on CCTV at Busitema at 11:49 am, heading to Masaka via Kampala. The Uganda Police assert that the accusations of deploying a firefighting truck during the Kenyan protests are unfounded.

The Kenyan Police are aware that the Uganda Police had no involvement in the protests, and Uganda Police continue to respect Kenya’s sovereignty and decisions, maintaining mutual respect and cooperation with their Kenyan counterparts.